New Zealand Pet Transport

cat-dog-pet-shippingLike all countries, New Zealand has its own unique set of rules and requirements regarding the transport of animals into the country. Dogs, Cats and other small animals traveling to New Zealand must undergo import quarantine in accordance with the Rabies Prevention Law. If all other criteria have been met, the quarantine period for a dog or cat entering New Zealand is 180 days. Don’t worry, 170 of these days can be completed in the country of origin, which means there is a 10-day quarantine for all animals arriving in New Zealand.

Paws Up Pet Transport will help you meet all requirements and schedule deadlines.

  • Microchip Identification. All pets must have a microchip.
  • Rabies Vaccination. This must be given within 1 year of travel.
  • 90 Days Before Arrival. Rabies Titer / FAVN-OIE Test
  • Blood tests for 1. Ehrlichiosis 2. Brucellosis 3. Leptospirosis. 4. Heartworm 5. Parasites
  • Health Certificate & Final Vet Exam

The date of the blood sampling, the lab used, microchip number, and the test results must be noted on all health certificates.

Paws Up Pet Transport pet transport cheerfully provides door to door pet shipping services for dogs, cats, and other small animals traveling to and from New Zealand.

We are IPATA Members and USDA approved and we love to make your pet shipping experience as worry free as possible.