Australia Pet Transport

pet-shipping-australiaYou are wanting to bring your pet with you for a big move or holiday. There are many considerations, like making sure you are exporting your pet from an approved country, microchip, appropriate vaccinations, and has been tested and served the qualifying waiting period for diseases like rabies.

The Paws Up Pet Transport crew is happy to provide extensive travel advice for transporting your pet into Australia. We are very familiar with Australia requirements for bringing pets in country as well as the required lead time needed to prepare your pet for the journey.

Our team of professionals are ready to organize the end to end transport of your pet into Australia.
Our services include working with you to:

  • Obtain the proper Import Permit for Australia
  • Scheduling Quarantine in Australia (required by Australian govt)
  • Transportation arrangements to drop off and pick up at the airport
  • Extensive network of International Pet Transport professionals
  • Paws Up Pet Transport service will ensure the process is smooth and worry free for you and your pets travel