International Moves

How Paws Up Pet Transport can make Your Travel Plans for Your Pet Stress Free!

• We will prepare all Travel Documents for Your Travel Destination

• Paws Up will call and collect all documents and needed records from Your Veterinarian

• Our Team will send you completed Import Forms and we will file them at the Department of Agriculture to be sure they receive everything and that everything is correct

• We review your Health Certificate and other Travel Documents prior to Your Pet’s departing flight for accuracy

• You pay one bill to us – no need for money orders or sending documents via fedex or certified mail • Paws Up will send checklists to you, or whoever is watching your pet, for the Final Veterinary Appointment and the Airport

• Our Team will make all Flight Reservations for Your Pet and give you all options that are available. This way, together we can decide what will work best for Your Time Your Pet, and Your Budget.

• We work with all available airlines, so we give you all options and costs and let you determine what airline and airport works best for you

• We’ll have you send a picture of your shipping crate so we know it’s the right crate for Your Pet–  if you don’t have one, we’ll order one for you – shipping of crate is always free!

• We’ll pick your dog up upon his/her arrival to Las Vegas and deliver to your new home. (if you are more than 10 miles from the airport, there is a fuel surcharge)

• If your pet is heading to a connecting flight, or ground transport, our service includes a pickup, potty break and transfer to the night flight

  • We can arrange for customs clearance and local delivery in nearly every country around the world

• And of course you get our Expert Service and Local Relationships!

Travel Crates – If you do not already have airline approved travel crates for your pets, we will help you to ensure you get the right crate. We can have crates shipped directly to your home, shipping is always FREE. For our larger dogs we offer custom wooden crates built to specifications for your dogs comfort. If your pet is not already crate trained, we suggest obtaining this crate as soon as possible to begin the process which will help to ensure that your pet travels much more comfortably. For tips on crate training please see our tips page.

Booking flights – Approximately 14-30 days (varies by carrier rules) prior to the departure date, we will reserve your pet’s air travel. We work with you to determine the best routing for your pet and what works best for you financially. Sometimes the best route is not the least expensive route, or depending on breed type and pet size your local airport may not be able to accommodate the relocation of your pet, we give you all of the available options and work with you in finding the best solution.

Health Certificates – All pets that are traveling by air are required to have a health certificate dated no more than 10 days prior to their ARRIVAL. These are not OUR rules! We HIGHLY suggest these certificates are obtained 5-6 days before the departure date. We keep you on-track in ensuring you obtain this certificate within the required time frame. We will also send you, or the caretaker of your pet, a suggested checklist to take to your veterinarian when obtaining this health certificate, and we require the certificate to be faxed back to us for verification of accuracy.

For pets traveling within the United States or Guam, International Health Certificates ARE NOT required, and neither is USDA endorsement.

Door-to-Door Service – Our import service includes us picking up your pets upon their arrival here in Las Vegas and delivery to your home. If your pets are transferring to another flight, or ground transport, this is included in our service. All DOGS are given potty breaks immediately after pickup, crates that have been soiled will be cleaned as well. If you would like someone to pick up your pet for you at your home, we can make that happen almost anywhere in the world! We use a network of professional pet movers all over the world, and we can ensure that your pets are safely picked up, and properly checked in for their flight. We can also offer final vet visits and obtaining health certificates for you or your pet’s caretaker if need be as well.

Sending Pets Ahead & Boarding – Many of our clients send their pets to us one or two days ahead of their own departure.. We offer boarding (at an additional fee) located just minutes from McCarran International Airport, and central the Las Vegas Strip. This allows our clients to clear out of their current home without stressing themselves or their pets with movers, cleaners and four-legged family members running around! Upon your arrival, we can deliver the same day or even the day after your arrival.

Day of Departure – If you or a caretaker will be taking your pet to the airport for their flights, we provide you with full maps, and details of the flights and where you need to take your pets. We also provide you with an airport checklist of best practices and what is required for your pet’s safe travel.

We really do make this process very simple and stress free!!