Los Angeles Pet Shipping to Hawaii with Aloha Air Cargo

los angeles pet shippingOur parent pet transport company, Island Pet Movers, has teamed up with Aloha Air Cargo to offer the most reliable pet shipping service between Los Angeles and Hawaii available.

Island Pet Movers, headquartered in Honolulu on the island of Oahu, has been in the pet transport business for over a decade. After serving in the United States Navy and having been stationed in Hawaii, Kari Mendoza saw the difficulties of shipping pets to Hawaii and decided she could help. Hawaii is the only designated “rabies free” state in the US and plans to remain that way. When animals are shipped to Hawaii, they must meet strict guidelines to prove that they are indeed rabies free. There are generally two ways to meet the regulations. A 120 day quarantine process and a 5 Day or Less quarantine process. Clearly, the five day quarantine process seems easier, but there are very specific requirements which must be met. If they are not, your pet will have to enter the 120 day quarantine process in Hawaii. You can read more about and download the 5 day quarantine process here.

Having a Hawaii pet transport specialist will make this whole situation pain free. Kari and her staff are very experienced and well versed in the documentation and specific requirements of the Hawaii pet quarantine process and will take care of everything for you.

If you are shipping a pet between Los Angeles and Hawaii, you can take advantage of this tremendous offer. Island Pet Movers and Aloha Air Cargo are offering a special promotional price in November to celebrate their new partnership.

For Los Angeles pet transport to and from Hawaii, go to the Island Pet Movers website for a quote.